PhotoWalk Presents opportunities for creating stories with pictures.

A photowalk is an opportunity for tourists, visitors, and photographers to explore their creativity and imagination. It is a dynamic and engaging activity that allows participants to take in the beauty of their surroundings while creating meaningful memories. Whether you are a professional photographer or a novice just starting out, a photowalk provides the perfect opportunity to hone your craft and learn new techniques. Not only is photowalking a fun and exciting way to explore a new place, but it also gives you the chance to capture the unique personality of the destination. From the bustling city streets to the countryside, there are a variety of scenes and experiences that can be captured on camera. Photowalking is the perfect way to take in the sights and sounds of a new place and make lasting memories. Grab your camera and let’s go… Have fun! :)


Alex is a superhost. The golden gate bridge photo walk was amazing. i was the only person he toured so it was more like a quality time spent with a new found friend. His photography skills is impressive but he was able to give me practical tips in a way that I understood. i thought our tour ended after our walk around the bridge but little did i know that the best was yet to come. we went to a pub at Ghirardellis and next thing, he was already showing me to some of his favourite microbrewery bars around Alameda. None of these i would be able to enjoy without Alex's hospitality. its my best experience ever!

Good experience

It was great! Remember to wear comfortable shoes because it’s a really long walk

Oleksandr was a delight to talk to and he knows his craft well. We walked (a lot), talked (a lot), discovered new angles, new settings. I would recommend it to everyone who wants the explore the place and is really interested in taking good pictures (and not only selfies with the Golden gate:).

One of the best experience I've ever had. Alex is very passionate about photography and he's very happy to share his knowledge and experiences with me. He took me to the best spots at the Golden Gate for photos and took some of the most amazing photos for me as well. Can't wait to experience the next walk.

He was very patient and a good teacher when it came to learning. It was an enjoyable walk and time taking photos with him!

Really helped my skills in photography as I have only just started out! Recommend for beginners and anyone who wants to learn more about photography! Great walk too!!

Would recommend this photo walk to anyone visiting SF or with an interest in photography. A great guide and a great host, Oleksander helped us take some truly stunning photos. And taught us a lot about photography. What an awesome experience! Thanks!

This was an exceptional tour. It gave me the opportunity to explore the Golden Gate Bridge through the eyes of a photographer. The tour started with the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance and after a guide intro to camera use we slowly made our way to the bridge snapping pictures along the way. We ended on the bridge with the opportunity to take some details shots and some portraits with the bridge. At every chance I were given tips and tricks to enhance my skills that I know I’ll use again and again. I left with at least a dozen unique shots of the Golden Gate Bridge that I love!

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